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Kavita Ndolo

Kavita Ndolo

Kathekani Farms


Kavita aimed to enhance productivity on his farm in the rain-fed agricultural region of Machakos, facing the challenge of sustaining farming during prolonged dry seasons.


Kavita's dream was not only to contribute to feeding his county but also to expand to the point of exporting agricultural produce to other counties, and possibly even internationally. He envisioned commencing locally, tapping into regional markets, and gradually broadening his reach.


To address the water scarcity issue, Kavita implemented strategic measures. He installed solar-powered pumps, acquired a dam liner for efficient water storage, and invested in our irrigation systems from specifically designed for growing fruits and vegetables.


The positive outcomes were multi-faceted. Increased yield and diversified crop production across all seasons led to the creation of local employment opportunities for Kavita's neighbors. This not only boosted the family's income but also provided meaningful engagement for Kavita's retired parents, contributing to funding his overseas master's studies. Now, with academic achievements in hand, Kavita is contemplating expansion as he looks towards the future.

Kavita Ndolo