Drip Button

Elevate your tree farm productivity with precision and irrigation efficiency. At Irri-Hub Ke, we excel in providing top-notch drip button systems tailored for irrigating a variety of fruit trees including passion fruits, avocados, bananas, tree tomatoes, pawpaws, coffee, and macadamia.

Our drip buttons are versatile, catering to the needs of miraa, forest trees, and live fences such as kei apple and bougainvillier. Additionally, we provide expert guidance in selecting the optimal drippers, ensuring a perfect balance between crop water requirements and available water resources on your farm. This influences irrigation frequency and duration, maximizing your farm's potential.


  • Flow of 0 to 70 liters per hour


  • Adjustable drippers allows the farmer to regulate amount of water to be discharged
  • Minimal blockages

What's Included

  • HDPE Main pipe
  • HDPE Sub-main pipe
  • Filtration unit
  • Fertilizer injector unit
  • 16MM Connectors
  • Fittings 32mm - 75mm
  • Drip buttons


  • Installation & Training
  • After-sale Support
  • Casuals to be provided

What Determines your Quote?

  • Plant to plant spacing
  • Row to row spacing
  • Length and width of the farm
  • Distance of the water source to the farm

Our Prices

1/8 acre
KSH 35,000
3m by 3m
KSH 30,000
4m by 4m
KSH 25,000
5m by 5m
1/4 acre
KSH 45,000
3m by 3m
KSH 40,000
4m by 4m
KSH 35,000
5m by 5m
1/2 acre
KSH 55,000
3m by 3m
KSH 50,000
4m by 4m
KSH 45,000
5m by 5m
1 acre
KSH 120,000
3m by 3m
KSH 110,000
4m by 4m
KSH 100,000
5m by 5m

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