Dam Liner

With Africa's changing rainfall patterns and unpredictable seasons, our dam liners at Irri-Hub Ke play a vital role in water management. Crafted with precision, our dam liners provide a waterproof barrier for your dam or water harvesting pond, preventing water seepage into the soil. We specialize in designing and installing premium fabricated dam liners, tailored to aid farmers in collecting and preserving water from run-off during rainy seasons.

Aligning the ponds with UV-protected HDPE dam liners ensures high durability and crack resistance, enabling farmers to reserve water for irrigating their farms during dry seasons. Our pond designs and sizes are customized to meet the unique needs of each farmer, providing a reliable solution for water conservation and agricultural sustainability.


  • 0.5mm gauge (Light gauge)
  • 0.75mm gauge (Medium gauge)
  • 1mm gauge (Heavy gauge)
  • HDPE material used
  • UV treated liners
  • Black in color


  • Harvests enough water for domestic and agricultural use
  • Reduces risks of floods
  • 10 times cheaper than water tanks

What's Included

  • Customized according to your water pan size


  • Installation & Training
  • After-sale Support
  • Warranty period 1mm - 10 years, 0.75mm - 5 years, 0.5mm - 2 years
  • Casuals to be provided

Our Prices

Low density
KSH 195/sqm
  • ✓  0.5mm HDPE thickness
  • ✓  Installation dependent on sqm
Medium density
KSH 295/sqm
  • ✓  0.75mm HDPE thickness
  • ✓  Installation dependent on sqm
High density
KSH 395/sqm
  • ✓  1mm HDPE thickness
  • ✓  Installation dependent on sqm

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