Solar Pump

Solar pumps serve as a popular choice for water pumping during irrigation, harnessing solar energy to efficiently draw water from shallow wells, water pans, or dams for both agricultural and domestic needs. Our solar water pumps stand out as high-quality solutions tailored for various applications including higher-flow drinking water supply, livestock watering, pond management, and irrigation.

Each system comprises a pump, a pump motor, and a controller. This modular design ensures that all electronics remain above ground level, facilitating straightforward maintenance, easy accessibility, and a cost-effective ownership experience.


  • Maximum head - 30m/100 feet
  • Maximum flow rate - 1000 liters per hour
  • Voltage - 24VDC
  • Can irrigate up to 2 acres


  • No recurring fuel costs
  • Low maintenance

What's Included

  • Submersible Pump
  • Brush less type
  • Dry run protection
  • Delivery pipe 25MM
  • 33OW solar panels
  • Electric cable
  • Internal MPPT controller
  • Solar panels caging


  • Installation & Training
  • After-sale Support
  • Casuals to be provided
  • Caging to be erected by the client

Our Prices

KSH 75,000
  • ✓  40 M head
  • ✓  Flow rate of 1200L/hr
  • ✓  300w input power
KSH 110,000
  • ✓  70 M head
  • ✓  Flow rate of 2300L/hr
  • ✓  600w input power
KSH 185,000
  • ✓  100 M head
  • ✓  Flow rate of 2500L/hr
  • ✓  1200w input power

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