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Jackline Mwangi

Jackline Mwangi

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Jackie has four children, residing in Uganda with her grandmother. She migrated to Kenya in pursuit of better opportunities. Originally employed as a housemaid, she eventually leased a quarter acre of land to cultivate maize then later switched to strawberry farming while watering manually.


Despite facing challenges, she maintained a positive outlook on life and aspired to provide her children with quality education while ensuring her grandmother enjoys a decent life back in Uganda.


Upon acquiring our solar irrigation kit for her venture with the savings she had made, we facilitated connections with buyers willing to offer competitive rates for her strawberry produce. This enabled her to generate sufficient income to support her family in Uganda, and the surplus was reinvested, expanding her business to half an acre.


Making the shift from maize to strawberries proved transformative. Her yield increased significantly from 5 tonnes per season to an impressive 12 tonnes per season. This, in turn, translated to a substantial boost in annual income—from $527 to $1686—significantly improving the livelihoods of her and her family.

Jackline Mwangi