Avocado Value Pack

Introducing the Avocado Value Pack - a comprehensive solution for Avocado farmers brought to you by Mynz Agric and Irri-Hub Ke. This innovative pack offers end-to-end support, encompassing Avocado seedlings, a sophisticated irrigation system, and ongoing value-added services such as agronomy training and management, all backed by a one-year warranty.

Key Features of the Onion Seedling

Variety: Hass
Quantity: 150 seedlings
Maturation period: 3 years
Nutrition program included

About the Drip Irrigation System

Hdpe main pipe (50mm) and fittings, customized based on farm size
16mm drip button spacing dependent of farm size
Filtration unit (50mm), one piece tailored to farm size
Venturi system for 1-acre farms (Fertilizer injector)
Professional installation and training provided

Points to Note

We DON'T provide market for the avocados after maturity
We DON'T provide water tanks in the irrigation system
We DON'T provide transport of material from our offices in Nairobi

Our Prices

1 acre
KSH 108,000
  • ✓  150 grafted seedlings
  • ✓  Button dripper system
  • ✓  Filtration unit
  • ✓  Nutrition program
  • ✓  Venturi system